Ultrafast laser pulse created by golden nanoparticles

2. toukokuu 2018

The creation of a fast, tunable and stable nanoparticle-array laser is a stepping stone to affordable and efficient sensing and switching.

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ERC Advanced Grants for Peter Liljeroth and Orlando Rojas

6. huhtikuu 2018

The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded their €2.5-million-each Advanced Grants to Aalto University professors Peter Liljeroth and Orlando Rojas.

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DNA nanostructures get camouflaged by proteins

6. lokakuu 2017

Straightforward and modular coating strategy can bring programmed DNA origami-based drug-delivery vehicles and nanodevices closer to clinical applications.

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Assembly of nanoparticles proceeds like a zipper

22. syyskuu 2017

Aalto scientists demonstrated that viruses and nanoparticles can be assembled into processable superlattice wires.

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Researchers discovered new method for improving perovskite solar cell performance

21. kesäkuu 2017

With humidity assisted thermal treatment the overall efficiency increases almost 45 per cent.

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Researchers create artificial materials atom-by-atom

28. maaliskuu 2017

Possibility to arrange the atoms precisely bring designer quantum materials closer to reality.

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Researchers pave the way for ionotronic nanodevices

23. helmikuu 2017

Discovery helps develop new kinds of electrically switchable memories.

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2016 Best Physics Doctoral Dissertation and Teacher of the Year prizes awarded

16. joulukuu 2016

Awards for best doctoral dissertations were granted in recognition of research. Also a Teacher of the Year prize was awarded for the second time.

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Väisälä Award to Professor Peter Liljeroth

14. joulukuu 2016

Liljeroth was awarded for his research contributions. The award is worth 15 000 euros.

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At the brink of the new

17. toukokuu 2016

The findings of basic research need to travel long before commercial products emerge. This journey demands hard work, says Professor Esko Kauppinen.

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Graphene nanoribbons get metallic

15. joulukuu 2015

Researchers at Aalto University have succeeded in experimentally realizing metallic graphene nanoribbons that are only 5 carbon atoms wide.

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New HR-TEM installation in progress in Nanomicroscopy Center

24. marraskuu 2015

New high throughput nano-analysis TEM is planned to be operational during Jan 2016

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Constructions in Otaniemi cause disturbances for NMC

14. elokuu 2015

Construction of the corner at the crossing of Otakaari and Otaniementie starts in September.

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New carbon coating/sputtering system

10. elokuu 2015

A Leica EM ACE600 carbon thread evaporator and sputtering system is installed in Nanomicroscopy Center.

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Construction and renovations in Nanomicroscopy Center

10. elokuu 2015

Construction and renovations create major disturbances in the Nanomicroscopy Center premises.


Putting a new spin on plasmonics

7. toukokuu 2015

Researchers at Aalto University have discovered a novel way of combining plasmonic and magneto-optical effects.

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Aalto’s first ERC Proof of Concept grant to Sebastiaan van Dijken

2. huhtikuu 2015

Professor Sebastiaan van Dijken received the grant for verification of the innovation potential of a new racetrack memory technology.

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Discoverer of carbon nanotubes Sumio Iijima awarded Aalto University Honorary Doctorate

27. lokakuu 2014

Since the 1991 discovery carbon nanotubes have been one of most heatedly researched materials in contemporary physics.

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