Fees at NMC

Compensation fees for the use of instruments (VAT not included) and operator costs. Valid from 1.1.2016. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Transmission electron microscopy (TEM)

I) FEI Tecnai 12 120kV

Academic work 50 € / hour (Mon-Fri 9-17); 30 € / hour (other hours)

Commercial use 100 € / hour

II) JEOL JEM-2800 & FEI Tecnai F20 200kV

Academic work 50 € / hour (Mon-Fri 9-17); 30 € / hour (other hours)

Commercial use 150 € / hour (all hours)

III) Double Cs Corrected TEM JEOL JEM-2200FS 200kV & Cryo-TEM JEOL JEM-3200FSC 300kV

Academic work 80 € / hour (Mon-Fri 9-17); 40 € / hour (other hours)

Commercial use 200 € / hour (all hours)

Scanning electron microscopy (SEM)

JEOL JSM-7500F and Zeiss Sigma

Academic work 50 € / hour (Mon-Fri 9-17); 30 € / hour (other hours)

Commercial use 100 € / hour

Scanning probe microscopy (AFM)

Veeco Dimensions 5000

Academic work 16 € / hour (Mon-Fri 9-17); 8 € / hour (other hours)

Commercial use 50 € / hour (all hours)


Technical time (operator, sample preparation etc.)

Academic work 60 € / hour

Commercial use 90 € / hour


Note for users from Aalto University

Running costs (maintenance, rent, electricity, etc.) for the microscopes take a lot of resources. The compensation fees for the microscopes are used to cover these costs. The hourly compensation fee is a transparent way to distribute the running costs of the center to different schools and departments based on usage.

This also means that Nanomicroscopy Center is not a full service imaging center for university researchers, but rather a place where the researchers can come to work and collaborate using the world-class instruments. The active participation of users to the care and maintenance of the instruments is essential to the operation of the center.

User training

User trainings are arranged on a regular basis. We advise to bundle 1-3 students together for a training session.


Research groups who extensively use instrument time annually, automatically receive a discounted price. Contact Prof. Janne Ruokolainen for details.

Acknowledgements in publications

The fundamental output metric of the Nanomicroscopy Center is the amount of scientific publications. Therefore, all academic users of the instruments are asked to acknowledge the Nanomicroscopy Center in all scientific publications and theses. In scientific publications add the following sentence to the acknowledements: We acknowledge the provision of facilities and technical support by Aalto University at OtaNano - Nanomicroscopy Center (Aalto-NMC).

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