Equipment are reserved through an online reservation system. All instruments are available for external users. Contact Janne Ruokolainen for details.

Transmission electron microscopes

Scanning electron microscopes

Atomic force microscopes

UHV scanning probe microscopes

X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy

X-ray scattering


  • Aalto-NMC, tomography workstation

    Workstation for 3D tomography
    For TEM samples
    Mac Pro & PC
    50" 3D screen

Sample preparation

  • ultramikcrotomecryo2.jpg

    Ultramicrotomy with cryo
    Leica EM UC7+FC7
    Cryo chamber
    Various diamond knives
    Glass knife preparation

  • Ultramicrotome and knive.jpg

    Ultramicrotomy with cryo
    Leica Ultracut UCT
    Cryo chamber
    Various diamond knives
    Glass knife preparation

  • Vitrobot1.jpg

    2x FEI Vitrobot


  • Plasma cleaner.jpg

    Plasma cleaner
    Gatan Solarus 950
    O2, H2


  • Emitech glow sputtering.jpg

    Glow discharge & sputtering
    Emitech K100X
    Targets: Au, AuPd, Pt
    Vacuum 10-1 mbar

  • Emitech carbon.jpg

    Carbon coating & sputtering
    Emitech K950X + K350
    Targets: Au, AuPd, Pt
    Rotating sample holder
    Vacuum 10-2 mbar

  • carbonsputtering Leica.jpg

    Carbon coating & sputtering
    Leica EM ACE600
    Targets: Au, AuPd, Pt, Ti, C


  • Gatan pips 2.jpg

    TEM cross-section samples
    Gatan PIPS
    Ion milling TEM specimens


  • Gatan pips.jpg

    SEM cross-section samples
    Gatan Ilion+
    Ion milling SEM specimens

  • saw.jpg

    TEM/SEM sample preparation
    Mechanical polishing
    Diamond saw
    Dimple grinder