User training

Academic researchers should apply for training on the instruments they wish to use. The amount of training required depends on the user and the instruement. See the training section for further details. Researchers pay the operator fee for the training hours. Note, that in order to be applicable for academic pricing, you are required to acknowledge the Nanomicroscopy Center in all publications where data gathered at the Nanomicroscopy Center are used.

Please send your training requests to nmc-training-sci [at] aalto [dot] fi.

Collaborative research

In some cases, it is also possible to agree on collaboration on a specific research project. In this case the operators and microscope hours are typically paid by the Nanomicroscopy Center. However, this option is only suitable to situation when there is special interest from the operator to participate on the collaboration. This typically requires some novel insight into a material or the development of a new microscopy technique. The collaboration should lead to at least one scientific publication and the operator plus his/her supervisor are included as authors on the paper.

Please send your collaboration requests to nmc-contact-sci [at] aalto [dot] fi.

Researchers coming from abroad and other cities

It is also possible to arrange more intensive microscopy training for exchange researchers coming from abroad or other cities in Finland. Typically a researcher might want to learn on e.g. cryo-TEM techniques and spends 1-2 weeks at the Nanomicroscopy Center. These situations are considered case by case and you should contact Prof. Janne Ruokolainen to agree on the details.


There is a Radisson Blu hotel in Otaniemi - ca. 5-minute walk from the Nanomicroscopy Center. There is also a Sokos hotel in Tapiola (ca. 2 km away from Otaniemi) and the hotels in the Helsinki city center are only ca. 20-minute bus ride away.

Industry and companies

Paid imaging service

Companies and industrial institutes often wish to have their samples imaged as quickly as possible and do not have time and money to maintain their own microscope operators. In this case, paid imaging service is a popular option. We have operators who are experts in using the microscopes. Each imaging service is agreed upon individually, yet the preliminary pricing can be checked from the price list - the operator fee is added to the normal industrial microscopy price. In addition also used operator time for sample preparation is charged.

Please send your requests to nmc-contact-sci [at] aalto [dot] fi.

User training

Of course, also companies are welcome to train their own operators, who can then use the microscopes at the regular commercial fee. All trained users have full and equal access to the Nanomicroscopy Center premises and freely reserve microscope time. There are no privileged users or microscope hours reserved to certain user groups.

Please send your training requests to nmc-training-sci [at] aalto [dot] fi.