Instruments at Nanomicroscopy Center are available for external users. Researchers from univerisites are trained to use the instruments by themselves.

Instrument-specific training

A basic training is required for all users who wish to use the instruments at Nanomicroscopy Center. Once the permission is given, the user is added to the reservation system and he/she can reserve the instrument.

Basic instruments (TEM, SEM, AFM, SAXS, XRD)

The fastest way to get use permission for TEM (Tecnai), AFM (Veeco Dimension), SEM (Zeiss Sigma), or small-angle X-ray scattering is to arrange a personalized hands-on training. An operator from the Nanomicroscopy Center will train the each user. The trained user is not expected to teach other users.

The aim of the training is to give sufficient skills to operate the instrument successfully and safely. Typical training last for 1-3 hours depending on the prior experience of the trainee. The trainee pays for the operator fee in case there is an instructor from the Nanomicroscopy Center. Therefore, it is recommended to arrange training for small groups of 1-3 persons. For users with prior experience with a similar instrument, the training can be combined with the first time the researcher actually uses the piece of equipment, which reduces the cost. Please contact the responsible user for the instrument you wish to have use.

HR-TEM and cryo-TEM

Training for Cs-corrected HR-TEM and cryo-TEM is arranged by their operators, who decide the amount of training required. Prior experience with TEMs is required. Training costs the normal microscope hours plus the operator fee. Contact the responsible operator to agree on your training.


Scanning tunneling microscopes are specialty equipment, which have specific operators. Please contact their responsible users and ask for possibility of collaboration.

Additional training

The basic training is focused on basic usage of the instrument and therefore the participants use training samples provided by the instructor. It is also possible to request additional training, where an emphasis can be put on in which way to image your samples specifically. the cost is normal microscope fee plus operator hours. Please contact the appropriate operator for more information.


In addition to instrument-specific training, it is possible to participate on courses. We arrange both entry-level and advanced courses along with occasional work shops on specific topics. See the courses page for details.

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